iSesamo Genuine Spudger Repair Opening Pry Tool for iPod, iPhone and iPad

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A great innovative and must-have tool that really works!  GENUINE iSesamo tool made in Italy. It comes with a complimentary mini iSesamo for those hard-to-reach areas where smaller form-factor can come in handy!
It will make short work of popping open even the more difficult iPod, iPad, Samsung and other devices.

A thin sheet of spring steel, designed to slide easily between panels and into microscopic cracks, this tool is much more efficient and longer-lasting than plastic opening tools, which rarely last for more than one repair.

Because this tool is metal and can scratch or otherwise damage softer materials, please use care when opening devices.

Please note, the stock photo is of the 1st generation iSesamo and is for illustration purpose only. You will receive new 2020 design with a super INOX anti-oxidant coating and new grip in transparent or white colour as on the other images. The tool may be branded with "" slogan on one side. 


Genuine product, hand made by DottorPod in Italy.

We offer a 12-month warranty on this item. 

Package includes:
1x iSesamo opening tool (IERO branded) with instructions.
1x mini iSesamo opening tool (FREE limited time offer)

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