MHP30 Tiny Hot Plate Heater

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This Preheating Station is made from high quality integrative aluminum alloy, heat is well-distributed, and won't deformate the plate at high temperatures. The heating board is controlled by CPU and used for reballing chips, pre-heating any device like iPad's, iPhone's or iPod's glass and many more. It is easy to operate,and designed with temperature control panel, so the temparature can be read directly from the screen.

The station is very usefull when removing digitizer from iPad 2-5, Mini, Mini 2 and iPod Touch 4/5  

Please note, for pre-heating iPads or similar devices do not let temperature go above 65˚C in order to avoid damaging your device. 


  • Input Voltage: 220V AC
  • Heating Plate size = 200x200x15 mm
  • Digital read-out
  • Max Heating Power: 800W
  • Temperature Range:25°C - 300°C
  • Temperature Fluctuation: ±2°C
  • Weight:5.2KG
  • Easy to use, Very Fast Heating

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