Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is your cut-off time for same day dispatch and do you work on weekends?

    At the moment our cut-off time is 3:00 PM on Mondays and 3:30 PM on all other working days. We only work Mon-Fri except UK bank holidays.

    Please get in touch if it's few minutes after our cut-off time, and we will do our best to dispatch you order same day.

  • Can I collect my order?

    Unfortunately our parts are located in different warehouses throughout the UK and it is not always possible to collect certain parts from our Romford office. Please get in touch first to check availability.

  • Are you VAT registered and can you provide VAT invoices?

    Yes, we are VAT registered and provide VAT invoices on request.

    Registered customers may go to their Orders section in Admin panel and reprint invoices from all previous orders.

  • We are VAT registered company in Europe. Can you offer goods at ex. VAT prices?

    Yes we can. First, you'd need to create an account with the details about your VAT registered business. It may take one working day for it to be approved and all prices set to be VAT exempt. The changes would only be applied to your account, which is a subject to approval.

    By law you'd have to notify us if your VAT circumstances change.

  • What is OEM?

    (Original equipment manufacturer) The OEM is the company that makes a part that is marketed by another company, typically as a component of the second company's own product. For example, if Volex, Samsung and LiteON Manufacturing Co make power cords or adapters that are used on Apple computers, then Volex, Samsung, LiteON are regarded as the OEM of the power cords and adapters.