Why iPhone 4 has a proximity sensor issue when installing an aftermarket screen?

Ever wondered why in most cases a newly installed aftermarket screen on an iPhone 4 won't have proximity sensor working? There are even more chances it won't work if you do colour conversion.

One of the reasons may be caused by the foam that surrounds the ambient light and proximity sensors. Another, by thinner digitizer glass that lets too much light from one sensor to another.


Looking at the photo above you may see that ambient light sensor is on the left and proximity is on the right. The former is used to detect surrounding light levels and the latter is used to turn off your screen when you move your phone close to your ear.

There are few fixes for this problem.

1. Full iOS restore: This is a software fix that works for some. Do it safely to avoid losing your jailbreak and unlock.

2. Black marker pen: You may use a permanent black marker and color the back side of the proximity sensor window on your aftermarket iPhone 4 Screen. You may need to apply a few layers. This method works most of the time especially on the older iPhone 4 models.

3. Foam sticker: Replace the broken foam that might have been damaged during removal of your broken screen. Some people reported using black electrical tape works for them. Some place two or three foam boxes on top of each other to avoid light bleed into the sensor. We also use custom made stickers that cover both proximity and ambient sensors. You will find both of them in the following page:

Proximity Form Stickers

What’s important is to have something in between the sensors to make sure that light from one doesn't get to the other.

Hope it helps!

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